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What does BoostCoin Limited company?

Our main company business is automatic bitcoin trading. Since company was born, our role is to offer each person the chance to attend the bitcoin related business and earn profit easily with our powerful system.

What is done by the company to ensure profitability to investors?

Discover more about our business on the About Us page.

Why do I need a personal account?

If you have a personal account then you can to making deposits in the company and also to earn partner reward.

What do I need to do to open an account?

Open an account is absolutely free and takes just a few seconds. To open an account you need to to click on SIGNUP button. Fill in the required fields, agree to our terms and click on the Register button.

How many personal accounts is it possible to create?

We don’t support creation of multiaccounts and multiple registration too. For multiaccounts and multiple registration creation all accounts of this user will be frozen.

If I lost or forgot the password from my personal account, what should I do?

For recovery of the password use the Request a Password Reset form.

How to change my E-Mail after registration?

To change the E-Mail address is impossible.

How to open a Bitcoin wallet?

Our system uses for all types of transactions CoinPayments service. That is why we recommend that you open a Bitcoin wallet in CoinPayments service. In that case all types of transactions between us will be processed quickly. To learn how to open Bitcoin wallet in CoinPayments service you can find on YouTube channel. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet in another service that you can use it. In this case, the time of transactions will be slightly larger.

How to make the deposit?

Once you understand how everything works in your account, the next thing would be to create your first deposit. In fact, you should not delay your first deposit in the end, the reason that you opened the account, so that you can start profiting from the BoostCoin Limited. To make a deposit you should have a Bitcoin wallet. Then log in the personal account, using a user name and password. Further click the Make BTC Deposit button in your dashboard. Choose investment plan which you consider the most acceptable for you (Discover more about our investment plans here), select payment method (Bitcoin or Account Balance) and enter BTC amount which you want to invest, click the MAKE BTC DEPOSIT button, further click the Pay with CoinPayments button, fill out the order form and SEND BTC amount to Bitcoin address which will be automatically generated by system for you.
After 2 confirmations transaction of CoinPayments your deposit automatically becomes active. Sometimes it takes a while.
Note! Status of your transaction for new deposit, you can see via link in the message on specified Email at CoinPayments order form.
After payment your deposit will begin to work and making profit for you.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

For our two types of investment plans, the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC. The maximum deposit amount for plan DAILY BOOST is 30 BTC. The maximum deposit amount for plan WEEKLY BOOST is 15 BTC.

How many I can open a deposits simultaneously?

Maximum amount active plans for DAILY BOOST no more 3. Maximum amount active plans for WEEKLY BOOST no more 5. After reaching the maximum number of active plans, you can not open a new deposit until completion of at least one active deposit.

How is the process of withdrawal?

Min - Max Withdrawal amount: 0.001 BTC - No Limit. All payments are processed instantly. Make sure to specify correct Bitcoin address in your account.

Why I can not see accrual after 24 hours for plan DAILY BOOST?

Accruals are made 1 time every 30 minutes. For example, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, etc. If your deposit has been activated Today 02:31:00 hence Tomorrow accrual will be 03:00:00. Subsequent accruals will be into 03:00:00 every 24 hours.

Do you have a referral program?

BoostCoin's Limited members can benefit from our highly lucrative affiliate program with 5% instant payout for all their referrals deposits and 2%-1% on second and third levels. Grab the opportunity to work from home & earn money online, by simply inviting your friends & family or by sending us web traffic. We accept anyone, anywhere so start now to earn a long-term passive income of  0.001 BTC  - 1.5 BTC per deposit.

Can I earn on referral program without investment?

Yes of course. You just need to open an account to get your referral link. To effectively invite new users, we recommend using our promotional materials. As well as the function ONE CLICK SHARE MY REFERRAL LINK this is when one click you can send your referral link to social networks.

I have a question but the answer is not here. What to do?

Contact to Support Center and you will get an answer. We will reply within 24 hours. Most relevant of your questions will be added to this page.

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